KnowledgeStore artifacts are published via the Maven central repository. They include binaries, test binaries, sources and javadocs of each software module of the KnowledgeStore as well as the source and binary `tar.gz` archives listed in the following table. The binary archives include all you need to run and populate a KnowledgeStore instance. They require a Java 7+ virtual machine, with startup scripts tested only on Linux and Mac OS X.

You can also browse the sources and fork the project on our GitHub page.

Archive Description Version Files
server KnowledgeStore server Java 7 binaries, including startup scripts and configuration files. Includes also the NAF populator (see below). 1.7.1 (latest) ks-distribution-1.7.1-server.tar.gz
tools KnowledgeStore client-side tools, including the NAF populator, the KS dump tool and the test tool used for performance assessment. 1.7.1 (latest) ks-distribution-1.7.1-tools.tar.gz
client KnowledgeStore Java 7 client library, for non-Maven users. 1.7.1 (latest) ks-distribution-1.7.1-client.tar.gz
sources KnowledgeStore source code, organized as a Maven multi-module project. 1.7.1 (latest) ks-distribution-1.7.1-src.tar.gz

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KnowledgeStore Docker

The KnowledgeStore Docker provides an easy and quick way to have a KnowledgeStore instance running on your machine.

Background Knowledge

We use the following RDF datasets as background knowledge in the KnowledgeStore, obtained by processing selected DBpedia dump files using RDFpro.

Data is smushed so to use a single URI for coreferring entities, then the RDFS closure is computed and triples are placed in named graphs linked (via dct:source) to the different source DBpedia chapters they come from. More details on the dataset generation process are included in NewsReader Deliverable D6.2.2.

For each dataset we provide the data, its VOID statistics and the RDFpro-based shell script (and supporting files) for downloading the necessary DBpedia files and producing the dataset.

Dataset Description Version Triples Entities Files
en_2014 EN data from DBpedia 2014 EN chapter. 2014/12/22 75.837.282 4.634.402 data   stats   script
en_ext_2014 EN data from DBpedia 2014 in all chapters, using EN URIs. 2014/12/22 95.910.347 4.863.236 data   stats   script
ml_2014 EN/ES/IT/NL data from DBpedia 2014 in these chapters, using EN URIs were possible and ES/IT/NL URIs otherwise. 2014/12/22 122.672.893 6.606.109 data   stats   script
ml_ext_2014 EN/ES/IT/NL data from DBpedia 2014 in all its chapters, using EN URIs were possible and ES/IT/NL URIs otherwise. 2014/12/22 134.384.805 6.738.541 data   stats   script

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