Despite the widespread diffusion of structured data sources and the public acclaim of the Linked Open Data initiative, a preponderant amount of information remains nowadays available only in unstructured form, both on the Web and within organizations. While different in form, structured and unstructured contents speak about the very same entities of the world, their properties and relations; still, frameworks for their seamless integration are lacking. The NewsReader KnowledgeStore is a scalable, fault-tolerant, and Semantic Web grounded storage system to jointly store, manage, retrieve, and semantically query, both structured and unstructured data. The KnowledgeStore plays a central role in the NewsReader EU project: it stores all contents that have to be processed and produced in order to extract knowledge from news, and it provides a shared data space through which NewsReader components cooperate.


KnowledgeStore in action


Development of the KnowledgeStore has been supported by the following projects:

Newsreader LiveMemories

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Last Published: 2016/06/23.

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